MLpowsim problem for continuous x random slope model

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Re: MLpowsim problem for continuous x random slope model

Post by ChrisCharlton »

To copy the information from the command window:
  • Click the "C:\" icon in the top-left of the window
  • Choose Edit->Mark
  • Drag the selection marker over the text that you want to copy
  • Press the "enter" key
  • The selected text will now be on the clipboard and you can paste it into a text editor of your choice.
It looks like the cause of your problem is that you have specified an invalid (i.e. non-invertable) level-2 co-variance matrix. This means that when MLwiN attempts to simulate a new response based on this if fails, instead setting the whole co-variance to zero which later on causes the error that you are seeing. The matrix that you are entering is:

0.25 0.02

If you change this to something valid then I believe that the simulation should run correctly.
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Re: MLpowsim problem for continuous x random slope model

Post by guobl »

thanks Chris,
will change the level 2 matrix. if no more correspondence, it means the code work.
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