error with xi: mi est in runmlwin

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error with xi: mi est in runmlwin

Post by ali482002 »

Dear all
I'm trying to run a multinomial 2 level model with multiple imputed data using runmlwin. i used the following code:
xi: mi est, cmdok : runmlwin y cons i.x1 i.x2 i.x3 x4 , level2( level2:cons) level1(id:) discrete(dist (multinomial) link(mlogit) denom (cons)basecategory(1))nopause

but i get the message error " For multinomial response models (i.e. ordered and unordered categorical r
> esponses), the data must be manually listwise deleted (i.e. cases with missing values for one or more variables included in the model must be dropped) prior to calling runmlwin"
I cheked all imputed Vars. and there are no any missing value!
When i remove "i." perior to dependent Vars.(xs), the command work well. Would you please help?
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Re: error with xi: mi est in runmlwin

Post by ChrisCharlton »

Could you check whether you get the same error if you run the model with just one of the imputed data sets, or if you use manually created dummy variables instead of -xi- with the i. syntax?
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