issue retrieving imputation

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Re: issue retrieving imputation

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That does sound like it isn't correctly matching the variable names in the imputation with those in your worksheet. The names for the imputed data sets are stored in the file impvals.txt, in the same directory as the imputed data. Could you check this file to make sure that the names match those in the worksheet/model? Could you also confirm that you are still using MLwiN version 2.30, as there does appear to be a problem reading the variable names in 2.32?
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Re: issue retrieving imputation

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shanekav wrote:Hi Chris,

Have attached example files. I have completely re-installed Windows...same issue. I originally had an error when Realcom was writing the imputations, but I installed it on to the desktop and then it worked.
Hi Shane, Im new to the forum and Id like to test the sample files. Any chance youd upload again the sample files as I think its deleted or the server is down. Not sure.
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