Convergence probelm - ???Error using ==> plus

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Convergence probelm - ???Error using ==> plus

Post by Jamoo »

Dear list,

I have a convergence problem. My model is a single level model.

I have specified it to burn-in for 500 runs and sample ever 250.

Unfortunately, I get the following error (more errors follow after these first two lines - see attached print screen if these are helpful) after approximately 500-700 iterations.

"??? Error using ==> plus
Matrix dimensions must agree."

Any feedback would be much appreciated on what might be causing this.

Best wishes

realcom error.JPG
realcom error.JPG (137.98 KiB) Viewed 3907 times
Harvey Goldstein
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Re: Convergence probelm - ???Error using ==> plus

Post by Harvey Goldstein »

Thanks for Picking this up Jamie. The bug has now been corrected and a new version is downloadable.
Harvey Goldstein
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