data length mismatch (ISTA)

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data length mismatch (ISTA)

Post by zahra777 »


I have fitted models in mlwin for my 2 level repeated measure data. child is level 2 and occasion is level 1. Each child has 3 occasions.

I am running Realcom impute to tackle the missing value issue in my data, when I retrieve the data and after I click on start analysis in mlwin I get 'data length mismatch (ISTA)' error.

I am following the steps of the tutorial and I need help understanding what it is that I am doing wrong please.

I don't know if it is relevant, I am having interaction terms in my model.

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Re: data length mismatch (ISTA)

Post by ChrisCharlton »

This message implies that the number of cases in your imputed data sets does not match the number in the worksheet that you currently have open. As the imputed data sets are just text files you can check this by opening them directly and comparing the number of rows with your active worksheet.
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