Error when imputing unordered categorical responses

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Error when imputing unordered categorical responses

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I am trying to impute 2 categorical responses (1 level 1, 1 level 2) and one binary (level 1). The categorical responses are ordered, but I want to impute them as unordered in case proportionality does not hold. I have already tried imputing them all as ordered categorical variables, which seemed to work (due to time conisderations I stopped the imputation process before completion). However, when I try to impute them as unordered, I get an error message before the imputation starts (the error message is attached). Any idea why this may be occuring?

Error message screenshot.pdf
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Re: Error when imputing unordered categorical responses

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I think my problem is rather similar. I have a two-level model with missing unordered categorical variables. The imputation seems to work just fine. But I get error messages when the imputation is done. And no imputed data file is saved. The error message is attached. Thanks!
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Re: Error when imputing unordered categorical responses

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The read error may be due to a permissions problem. When running Realcom-Impute you need to either change the working directory in the shortcut to somewhere that you can write or run the software with an account with administrative permissions. I am not sure what would be causing the other problem, however if you are able to send an example replicating the problem to Harvey Goldstein or myself then we can look into it in more detail. You can find contact details here:
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