a simple question- missing data

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a simple question- missing data

Post by zahra777 »


My data ( with missing values) is in mlwin, after running Multiple Imputation in Realcom, why does my data still show missing values?
For example how can I run descriptive statistics on my complete dataset?

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Re: a simple question- missing data

Post by ChrisCharlton »

When you run an imputation in Realcom several complete datasets are generated. Applying the imputed data to MLwiN causes it to run your original model on each of these datasets and then combine the results using Rubin's rules. These combined results are what you will see in the equation window after using the ISTART command. Each dataset is only loaded in temporarily to get a set of parameter estimates, and at the end of the run the original data containing missing data is restored.

As the imputed datasets are just text files you could manually import these separately if you wanted to get descriptive statistics for any of them.
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