saving sixway plots from R2MLwiN

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saving sixway plots from R2MLwiN

Post by andrewjdbell »

Hi Chris (sorry, me again!)

I'm trying to automatically save sixway plots from multiple R2MLwiN models - I'm running lots of models at once so don't want to do it by hand. When I try to use the sixway command, the plot seems to close down automatically after ~5 seconds, and won't let me save it. Any idea how one might do that? So far my colleague (and R guru!) has tried setting a device (such as png()), but this is ignored. He thinks there's a hard-coded clear device ( or in the sixway() function.


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Re: saving sixway plots from R2MLwiN

Post by ChrisCharlton »

Hi Andy,

The following works for me:

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mypng <- function(filename="test.png", ...) {png(filename, ...) } # Replace test.png with a file name of your choice
sixway(mymodel1@chains[, "RP2_var_Intercept", drop = FALSE], "sigma2u0") # Replace with sixway call corresponding to you model

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