Deleting cases

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Deleting cases

Post by TuongThuc »

I am trying to predict the presence/absence of future depression from a measure of past working conditions. I would like to omit from the analyses individuals with prior depression. I used the Omit selection in the Select or omit Cases item on the Data Manipulation menu to delete the dependent variable (later depression when the worker was depressed earlier) and two other variables and place them in outlying columns. I executed the procedure and received no error messages.

I don't know why this procedure did not work. I am new to the procedure, usually organizing my data in SPSS before writing the data and having MLwiN read the data. But I don't want to go back to SPSS every time I hit a stumbling block, and have learned some MLwiN syntax. But I am hitting a wall in omitting data. I would appreciate getting some help.


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Re: Deleting cases

Post by ChrisCharlton »

Would it be possible to provide more details about that steps that you are taking to attempt this? One thing to note is that you have to select all the data columns that you want to omit rows from, as MLwiN will only apply the operation to the selection.
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