runmlwin in the growth model

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runmlwin in the growth model

Post by auctor21 »

Thank you, all

I had CCMM runmlwin question ahead of time.

I would like to ask you a little more specifically.

The files GeorgeLeckie suggested are basically code for multi-level models.

But what I would like to ask for....
Could you please provide an example of the code and data of runmlwin in the growth model?

Data formation is like...
Level-1 is time
Level-2 is individual
Level-3 is Group

Please, reply

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Re: runmlwin in the growth model

Post by GeorgeLeckie »

Dear auctor21,

A conventional three-level linear growth model for a continuous outcome...

. runmlwin outcome cons time, ///
level3(group: cons time) ///
level2(individual: cons time) ///
level1(occasion: cons) ///

Best wishes


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